Commercial Restructuring, Aviation and eJets
Transforming partners through upskilling and retooling revenue generation and optimization

Welcome to Millennium Aviation

In today's Covid-19 affected business climate constant "start-up" business transformation is required to deploy and execute all of the 9 moving parts of a company's business model in concert. Revenue is our expertise.

Insights into a company's purpose in a wider spectrum highlights opportunities for right-sizing, niche growth, whether the skills are internal or external (partners). Revenues beyond your scope are always within reach.

Our professional services highlight that restructuring change is not only about size, processes, people and technology, but mostly about governance and personalities. Quick decisions help. 

We specialize in all aspects around revenue, including price points and even pricing psychology. 

This includes: revenue generation, (new) revenue products, revenue optimization, revenue management around global contracts, B2B relationships and contract quoting, revenue tools, revenue partners, revenue distribution and value proposition leading to new offers and offer management (digital commerce). 

We perform performance scans, offer tools to stop profit leakage, as well as frameworks for core restructuring, right-sizing, business model changes and business transformation at micro revenue model levels. We help develop management strategies based on intimate market knowledge and future industry expertise that is aligned with the management team, and the company's personalities. Kindly refer to Our Services for further details.