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Business Model Innovation

This is our advisory line of business through which we offer professional services using our proprietary tools. Under this service our specialists drive the content of change and strategic direction.

Speaking Engagements & Coaching

Through a solid academic background and decades of practical management and business consulting experience, the company’s founder and specialists are often invited to lecture or lead workshops in our fields of expertise.

Tools, Techniques & Training

The proprietary tools that have been developed internally by the specialist facilitators of Millennium Aviation have also been applied to our own business. We, like our customers, know that they work and provide techniques to change your business profitably.

Coaching Workshops

The methodologies and practical approaches used by Transforming to Profits have been adapted so they can be used for individuals as well. The application of this structured yet creative approach allows managers to transform their careers based on 10 specific building blocks and perspectives.

We advise you, you choose the right decision

We are passionate about the airline industry and believe that strategic commercial aviation is not about air transportation. Our goal is to help as many people and companies transform themselves so that the industry can thrive profitably and do so for the greater good. We do not want to have the biggest market share in our field, but the biggest impact for those that have a desire to lead structural change. Our true interest is in contributing to a fundamental shift in how airlines are perceived, what we can collectively do as airlines, and how to run them differently.

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