Application of Ai/ML in Business Strategy
Transforming partners through upskilling, retooling, and data-driven business steering and optimization

Our Academic Background and Relationships

Millennium Aviation's founder, Ricardo Pilon, has completed the following programs:

- Master of Science, Air Transport Management, Cranfield University, UK (1998)

- MBA International Aviation, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (2000).

- Ph.D. Air Transport Management Strategy, University of Amsterdam (2002).

Millennium Aviation has been involved in the development of curricula s as well as lecturing at the following institutions:

  • International Aviation MBA, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • McGill University, Continuous Studies, Diploma of Aviation Management (design and delivery)
  • Aviation MBA, Kremms University, Austria
  • UUAA University of Aeronautics and Astronaumics, Being, China 
  • IATA, International Air Transport Association, Montreal/Geneva/Miami/Jordan/Amsterdam
  • Emirates Aviation College, Dubai, UAE.