Application of Ai/ML in Business Strategy
Transforming partners through upskilling, retooling, and data-driven business steering and optimization

About The Founder


Dr. Ricardo Pilon founded millavia in the Netherlands in 1995 and in Canada in 2005. He specializes in the creation and implementation of learning organizations in modern revenue optimization using Ai-enabled and ML technology to unlock strategic commercial capabilities.

As a strategy, pricing and revenue management expert, his specialist work experience involves modernizing CRM and digital commerce (B2B) and B2C around recommendations-based customized product/rate offer management using dynamic pricing and capacity optimization with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Key is client, context and data science (customer, marketplace, dimensions and granular aspects).

By designing and implementing modern RM competencies, Ricardo contributes to data-driven companies' execution of future-based strategic capability development and paves the way to embed L&D and change management programs for continuous improvement-style transformation.

He himself is an experienced business executive with practical leadership experience and expertise in corporate & business development, commercial strategy, and modern digital business (MarTech + SalesTech technology in B2B or B2C domains) with a strong focus on profit maximization (pricing, capacity, and revenue optimization).

Ricardo combines data-centric business model steering expertise, day-to-day execution of P&RM and commercial practices, and data-driven P&RM learning and development skills in a unique combination. More recently, he has started specializing in personalities and learning in data-driven firms within the field of applied organizational psychology to improve how data science teams integrate in wider functions. This solidifies business continuity and business improvement.

Ricardo also has experience in developing blended learning programs (SDL, ILT, CBT, remote) and has delivered results for 4 employers and leadership teams at over 50 clients in 55 countries. He has also provided practitioner expertise to 8 academic institutions as Assistant or Visiting Professor at Executive MBA and other adult-learning post-graduate programs in Canada, Switzerland, UAE, The Netherlands, and China. He has published business management books and holds the "Cruising to Profits (R)" trademark.

While for 25 years his original area of focus was on civil aviation and the air transport, cargo and logistics domains, Ricardo’s skills and approach are demanded in different verticals and industries today.