Coaching Workshops

Coaching Workshops


The Coaching Workshops is a community through which we offer free education and advisory services to individuals and companies. It is part of our mantra to give back to the industry and to people that have supported us.

Up to eight percent of our available time is made available for “walk-in” free conversations and advisory. We also help Tier 3 and 4 companies that cannot afford quality help but require assistance to turn around their companies in order to support economic growth in their area or region.

Benefits for you, and your community/company

Gaining deep and practical insights through:

  • Free articles on structural trends and topics that matter
  • Free whitepapers and position papers that serve as a resource
  • Free research by access to our library
  • Free material on best practices and performance metrics

Exchanging and learning through:

  • A neutral platform and connections to others
  • Community and discussion groups with like-minded professionals or those you wish to exchange experiences with

Extending your community and our community through

  • Access to our affiliates, associates, and supporters