Unlocking Leadership

Unlocking leadership

In practical terms

This service allows business managers to know the difference between leadership and management, and what it means to be a leader as a person or as a business. It also helps identifying and encouraging leaders in your company.


This service allows you to identify leadership requirements and change agents in your company in order to be more commercially successful and/or to complete a business transformation program. It also includes the mechanisms to instill a leadership culture and unlock talents from enabled leaders.

Tangible benefits

A measurable improvement in the rate of change in your company towards the achievement of your business and corporate objectives. Additional benefits include remarkable improvements in employee motivation, personal commitment and satisfaction.


The methodology includes a set of methods, academic and practical reference material as well as personal experience from our specialists. Some of the material is obtained from and inspired by personal attendance of the Executive Leadership course High Potentials Leadership at Harvard Business School of our founder and CEO, Ricardo V. Pilon.

Proprietary tool used

– Harvard Business School, Executive Leadership course material and other secondary sources.
– Our specialists’ work experience.
– Research and development.