Profitability Enhancement Program

Profitability enhancement program

In practical terms

This service provides a structure and a range of activities that allow companies to improve their profitability based on their specific business and purpose.


This service facilitates and leads companies through a program of commercial profitability enhancement initiatives in order to achieve a desired profitability position.

Tangible benefits

The benefits include high usability of practical and bite-size initiatives that have been identified as part of a revenue and profit leakage fact-finding exercise. The implementation of the initiatives leads to revenue and profit increases between 1 to 6 months and can typically increase profitability between 830 percent. The enhancements are often derived from new pricing practices as well as more optimal mixes between customers/products/segmentation techniques/capacity controls/distribution channels.


Toolkits, business intelligence, questionnaires and scorecards lead executives and managers to prioritizing initiatives. Expert advice and leadership is provided to recommend creative, innovative, and strategic practices that banks on others following mainstream practices. The implementation follows PMP standards and methods and is typically provided by third-party project management experts.

Proprietary tool used

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