Innovation Enabling Framework

Innovation Enabling Framework

In practical terms

This service allows companies to re-energize their business by modernizing the way it operates, and doing so profitably. It is about making and delivering its products and services in a modern and user-friendly fashion, and making the best of business technology.


This service allows your firm to identify what level, breadth, and depth of innovation is required to be more profitable and to solidify its competitive position. The service tackles innovation at business model as well as (service) product and delivery and customer relationship management level.

Tangible benefits

Your company obtains a specific and detailed list of areas as well as illustrative options for the adoption and integration of innovation in a business transformation program. Previous work performed and visionary input from our specialists allows a translation to hands-on initiatives and measurable improvements in commercial performance.


A proprietary and proven tool is used to deconstruct your business model and industry model, so as to redefine your company’s role and desired business model. This then serves to identify the talent requirements. The new talents are placed in areas where we can illustrate the impact on commercial performance. A business model components/talent matrix then serves to create a profit multiplier that is measurable.

Proprietary tool used

C2P Cruising to Profits ™
Step-based process of questionnaires, assessments, 45 quantifiable KPIs and scorecards developed in-house.