Human Capital Profit Multiplier

Human capital profit multiplier

In practical terms

This service helps companies turn employees into satisfied and fulfilled contributors of a profitable business by using and growing their talents in the areas where it has the best impact for the company and its members.


This service facilitates and leads companies through a process of the formulation a talent strategy that supports your firm’s strategy at corporate, business and functional levels. The service allows the identification and development of talent and facilitate a direct impact on organizational and commercial effectiveness.

Tangible benefits

A practical list of specific talents, skills, attitudes, and personalities that your firm requires to be more successful organizationally and commercially during a determined business transformation. The talents are mapped against business model components, functions/departments, and cross-functional processes. Team structures are proposed, having identified individuals in collaboration with your firm. Direct results include the improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, rate of change and profitability during and the following the completion of the talent structure changes.


A proprietary and proven tool is used to decompose your business model and industry model, so as to redefine your company’s role and desired business model. This then serves to identify the talent requirements. The new talents are placed in areas where we can illustrate the impact on commercial performance. A business model components/talent matrix then serves to create a profit multiplier that is measurable.

Proprietary tool used