Competitive Response Model

Competitive Response Model

In practical terms

This service allows companies to work in a systematic and disciplined way to compete well and be profitable in their business.


This service facilitates and leads companies through a process of the formulation of a competitive response model in order to achieve a desired agility in competitive response on constantly changing markets.

Tangible benefits

The benefits include a “thermometer” of current commercial performance and the development of a “thermostat” to respond instantly to competitive moves in a dynamic and proactive manner. The model includes scenarios, activities, and recommended actions for all of the commercial optimization levers in an integrated way (pricing/contract management/customers/products/segmentation techniques/capacity controls/distribution channels/customer management and social media).


A proprietary and proven tool is used. Expert advice and leadership is provided to recommend creative, innovative, and strategic actions that bank on avoiding standard practices and challenging the status quo.

The implementation of the initiatives leads to revenue and profit protection first, and market share second. The configurations are flexible, however, allowing for revenue growth, profit growth, or market share growth depending on the context and corporate priorities.

Business intelligence, metrics, and scorecards are used in real-time to maintain agility.

Proprietary tool used

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C2P Barometer ™
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