Business Transformation Program

Business transformation program

In practical terms

This service allows companies to identify how their business can be changed and how to carry out the changes for the company to be profitable and successful in every aspect in its competitive world.


This service facilitates and leads companies through a process of building a business transformation program in order to attain a desired sustainable strategic position.

Tangible benefits

High usability of an integrated framework and executable process based on step-by-step, manageable, and incremental iterative change. The process incorporates strategy, people, change management, and organization (governance) that provides key performance indicators of the commercial benefits of business transformation at each milestone.


Proprietary toolkits, business intelligence, questionnaires and scorecards lead executives and managers to prioritizing initiatives. The implementation follows PMP standards and methods and is typically provided by third-party project management experts.

Proprietary tool used

C2P Cruising 2 Profit ™
C2P Maginifying Glass ™
C2P Barometer ™
C2P Thermometer ™
C2P Compass ™
C2P Value Load Factor ™