Press Release : Business Model Expiry Index Quarterly

Quarterly Report on the Business Model Life Cycle Stages of Commercial Airlines

MONTREAL/SINGAPORE, July 25, 2014 / CNW Telbec / Millennium Aviation, Inc. has released its new quarterly report on the health and life cycles of airline business models, including an expiry index.

In its new report, Millennium Aviation provides a ranking of top low-cost and hybrid airlines in terms of how well they maintain or improve their business model. Airlines are not ranked in terms of a snapshot of their current profitability as reported in one quarter or fiscal year, but in terms of 45 specific underlying trends in their business model measured over 5 years. It shows whether the model is in good health and can continue to generate profits and retain its customers.

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Press Release : Personalized and Branded Private Jet Service

Press Release : Personalized and Branded Private Jet Service

Service Offering – Vinci Aviation assists individuals, special interest groups and corporations by tailoring a branded travel experience to their specific needs.

MONTREAL, July 15, 2014 / CNW / Millennium Aviation, Inc. is offering a private jet service using Learjet 31A aircraft owned by Vinci Aviation, based in Montreal, Canada.

“In our experience, many commercial aviation operators view themselves as air transportation firms, whereas the passengers they carry each have a specific purpose that drives the need for travel, which is not recognized or catered to. Vinci Aviation was established with a very specific purpose and identity and it puts the entire customer experience path and needs at the forefront. Its DNA is to make your life easier by providing customized and even personally branded solutions, says Ricardo Pilon, CEO of Millennium Aviation, Inc., and this innovative approach is what our customers want.”

“We look after our customers from end-to-end acting as a concierge and taking care of all travel-related arrangements such as hotel accommodation, pickup
and limo services, and R&R activities”, adds Marco Prud’homme, President – Vinci Aviation.” To request our service, customers can simply call us at 1-855-725-1511 or visit The private jet service is available upon request and all customized ancillary services can be included in the contracted price. “We can brand the interior of our aircraft and even the experience at the terminal using our customer’s name. Some companies want a red carpet or pillows branded with their company logo for personnel incentive trips or specific corporate business trips”, says Mr. Prud’homme.

Mr. Pilon continues: “The service that Vinci Aviation offers fits with our own DNA and our vision of Commercial Aviation 3.0, which is driven by personalization and customization in the airline business. Commercial Aviation 3.0 is an integration model that embraces technology, and its personalization is driven by customers’ specific needs and moreover their permission-based input”.

Mr. Prud’homme is a seasoned manager in aviation, born into an entrepreneurial family that has been involved in Canadian commercial aviation for three generations. In building his new company in 2012, Vinci Aviation used a systematic approach to laying down the building blocks to create a consistent value proposition-driven business model. This methodical approach, called “Cruising to Profits®” is also used by companies that want to strengthen, revive or transform their business model. “It helps firms identify where they leak revenue or profits and how strategic blind spots are undermining the viability of their business”, says Mr. Pilon.

He adds: “Our customers include commercial airlines, air cargo operators, consulting firms, strategy advisory firms, investment banks, business schools, travel technology firms and online search and content integrators. We offer B2C, B2B as well as professional services in B2B2C and B2B2B domains”. The foundation for “Cruising to Profits®” process and toolbox was laid down in an introductory business book with the same title, “Cruising to Profits – Transformational Strategies for Sustained Airline Profitability”, available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and major book stores. Millennium Aviation, Inc. will release its next book “Cruising to Profits® The Practical Guide” outlining the methodology using client case studies in the Fall of 2014.

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Commercial Aviation 3.0 : Business Transformation

Commercial Aviation 3.0 : Business Transformation

Service Launch – Cruising to Profits® methodology assists airlines in business transformation towards enhanced profitability and customer satisfaction

Released 05:00 A.M. EST, 7 May 2014

MONTREAL, May 7, 2014 / CNW / Millennium Aviation, Inc. has launched its new service line of business using its Cruising to Profits® method. The method is a step-by-step process supported by practical techniques and metrics, guiding airline managers in obtaining deep insights into the workings of their business models, in identifying profit or revenue leakage, and in putting in place corrective action.

“We have found that many established airlines have overall business models that comprise inner sub-models that are operating at cross-purposes, resulting in direct profit leakage,” says Ricardo Pilon, CEO of Millennium Aviation, Inc. and author of the strategic airline management book “Cruising to Profits Transformational Strategies for Sustained Airline Profitability.”

In addition, “After their initial advent and popularity, the low-cost airlines are presently facing imminent saturation points in their business-model life cycles. Our detailed analysis shows that many of the new initiatives they are launching create business-model conflicts. This explains why some airlines are successful with specific ancillary revenues or merchandising projects, and others are not,” says Mr. Pilon. In order for the industry to embrace “Commercial Aviation 3.0,” business transformation needs to become a key capability, and that assumes specific skill sets.

Mr. Pilon continues: “Commercial Aviation 3.0 is the third evolutionary era in the airline business. It will focus on monetizing the entire customer experience path, even beyond air travel, travel-related ancillary services (car rental, taxi, cruise, insurance), and current merchandising techniques (co-branded products and travel-related service bundles such as upgrades). Commercial Aviation 3.0 is an integration model that embraces technology, and its personalization is driven by customers’ input.

“The Cruising to Profits ® Business Transformation service involves a process that allows airlines to obtain deep insights into the workings of the 9 building blocks of their business models and guides them towards the reconstruction of an aligned business model that can offer and deliver a commercially viable value proposition to its customers. The method consists of 7 phases involving 10 steps. It also relies on a deep hybrid analysis of a company’s 9 business model building blocks, and the use of 5 business model patterns as a profitability revival technique. The process is supported by the application of practical tools and metrics, as well as by self-assessments, in order to customize the process to the unique DNA of the respective airline.

“We have studied the field for 17 years and we have based our method on 11 years of practical work and on a review of 685 transformation projects. Also, we have explored models from outside the airline industry such as Skype, Google, LEGO, which display unique patterns that can be arranged into business-model
building blocks. However, of key importance is the tailor-made delivery of our toolbox around the unique DNA of each company, and the focus on execution and people, says Ricardo Pilon.”

He continues: “Business transformation is perhaps a buzzword, but there is no better way to describe our service than a transformational toolbox. However, we do recommend that airlines tackle transformation in (departmental) increments, starting with the immediate attention areas that will have been identified in the first phase. We are a resource to airline senior management, and we can help jump-start such projects.”

Millennium Aviation, Inc. will release its next book on the Cruising to Profits® Business Transformation Method in late 2014. The introductory book “Cruising to Profits – Transformational Strategies for Sustained Airline Profitability” is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and major book stores.

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Airline Business 2014: Centennial Commercial Health Check


Released 05:00 a.m EST, 20 January 2014

MONTREAL, Jan. 20, 2014 / CNW / Millennium Aviation, Inc. released its strategic airline management book “Cruising to Profits – Transformational Strategies for Sustained Airline Profitability” today. The book reveals timely and relevant unconventional methods for airlines to make more money.

“Air transportation is about flights moving airplanes, people and cargo. Strategic commercial aviation is not. It is a means to an end. The distinction is important because the derived nature of demand is the best source and guide for an industry or a company to build a business model around purpose and value.” – Ricardo Pilon, CEO of Millennium Aviation, Inc. –

Cruising to Profits takes a less tubular and more holistic perspective, and advances ways in which airlines will be able to create many products and services for which customers will be willing to pay a premium. “Today”, Pilon says, “the air carriers’ needs are met. But the customer needs are not. Tomorrow, we can help customers to design their own products and services that may or may not involve a flight as airlines take on a wider role. Also, we can help identify needs travellers did not know they had in order to create new markets.”

The book introduces management methodologies and frameworks that help airlines implement the Cruising to Profits approach, including BeProFit, Vision Load Factor, and T.A.L.E.N.T. which are proprietary tools. “The technology is there, but we need a platform to change how airlines are structured so that the service bundle can be around the customer, not around a flight departure”, mentions Pilon.

Kofi Sonokpon, Head of Program Management and Cruising to Profits program lead, added: “With new methodical strategic planning tools and a customer base that is increasingly connected, we can take advantage of new consumer and business technology that can turn airlines into full service companies with personalized products. With Cruising to Profits – Volume 1, we have embarked on a very exciting journey for our industry, our clients, and for our company.”

Cruising to Profits is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major book stores.

Some notes on Millennium Aviation, Inc. :

Millennium Aviation, Inc. was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and in Canada in 2005 as a specialist strategic advisory firm in the aviation sector. The specialty areas of the firm are business transformation, profitability enhancement, leadership and talent development, as well as innovation-driven change.

Millennium Aviation, Inc. has served over 200 airlines and airline-related companies through four lines of business, Value Creation Facilitation, Tools & Training, Speaking Engagements & Coaching and the Free Educational Program.

Millennium Aviation, Inc. is a world-class boutique advisory firm with 20 senior associates. The company actively promotes aviation and the communities it connects.

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