Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe that in today’s world, the most experienced people or generalist consultants in conventional business are not always your best change agent. We do not have to support large infrastructures and overhead and can customize our contribution to select leaders.

We believe that successful change is the result of true leadership supported by management of focused execution. That requires an open view, constructive controversy, and a visionary outlook supported by deep insights into a client’s business and operation.

Our company takes an active role in promoting aviation, the global community and trade. We aim to help as many individuals and companies we can for as long as it can be done sustainably. We strike a balance between revenue and benefits and provide affordable assistance by using a handson and adaptive approach. We also do 8% of our business on a probono basis.

Our management specialists act as change agents that have a stake in the customer’s company while providing performance guarantees through results measurement of our work.

We frequently use an approach of designed controversy to facilitate new thinking in a very constructive way. Our interests are in replacing the shortterm comfort of the status quo of suboptimal situations with constant and profitable change, a real need for those that want to help drive the future.

For reference, the majority of our clients involve national and international firms with annual turnover of USD 250 million to USD 5 billion.