Benefits and Community

Benefits & Community

Our customers tell us that we add value because we are not only a “thermometer”, but provide a “thermostat” and “compass”. We reveal opportunities, and provide the mechanisms to lead change.

Our followers also indicate that they like to connect to the community through us, and so we facilitate a platform for likeminded change agents. By helping others succeed, we succeed in achieving our goal for the airline industry.


The Millennium Aviation, Inc. team has (identities are protected in this area of change):

“Given us the ability to view ourselves objectively”
“Allowed us to describe and innovate our business”
“Helped us identify quick ancillary revenue tactics that paid off”
“Allowed us to constructively work out a scheme of services people pay for”
“Handed us a constructive realitycheck on the longterm viability of our business”
“Provided us with a thorough way of understanding commercial aviation and airline business models in different contexts”
“Illustrated us how new ideas can make financial sense”
“Helped us to identify and innovate our business and new business”
“Provided us with the tools we need to design a consistent business model”
“Given us the techniques to conduct business model innovation”
“Guided us to run innovation projects by giving a process map”
“Helped us to build business cases and business plans”
“Shown us the links between people’s daytoday work and changes in the business model”
“Encouraged us them to think holistically rather than getting stuck on one detail”
“Offered us the toolkit to translate plans into processes”
“Allowed us to explore new growth opportunities”
“Worked with us to identify conflicting submodels in our business model”
“Given us the tool to restructure our value chain due to changes in regulations”
“Helped us structure team work in order to align opinions to goals”