Commercial Restructuring, Aviation and eJets
Transforming partners through upskilling and retooling revenue generation and optimization


Being updated as per the company's move from Montreal (2005-2018) to Amsterdam, Netherlands.


"Cruising to Profits - Transformational strategies for sustained airline profitabillity"
(Curmill Publishers, 2014)

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"Transforming to Profits - Handbook" (Curmill Publishers, 2015)

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"The Disruptor Airline" (Curmill Publishers, 2016)

"Monetizing the Entire Customer Experience Path" (Curmull Publishers, 2017)

"On a wing and a prayer - The Roots Air airline launch case study" (Ricardo Pilon, 2013)

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Journals / Articles

"KLM and Northwest Airlines Alliance - Impact of a passenger alliance on cargo operations" (Journal of Air Transport, 1999).