Commercial Restructuring, Aviation and eJets
Transforming partners through upskilling and retooling revenue generation and optimization

Cruising to Profits®

Cruising to Profits (R) is a set of frameworks, methods and steps developed as a coaching tool for business model performance review and commercial optimization. It is an experienced-based methodology that has its foundations in the strategic canvas proposed by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne (Harvard Business School Press, 2005). However, it has been modified to be just one element of the Transforming to Profits (R) business transformation blueprint, used by Millennium Aviation. C2P allows insights into profit and revenue leakage.

A few illustrations below highlight only that these methods are based on a step-by-step process that is flexible, supported by coaching and workshop sessions. It is however not a linear process, although most clients end up rethinking some of the basic assumptions about their business and the wider industry and customer needs they (need to) support. An eye-opener.

Note: Cruising to Profits is the tool used in the commercial aviation business. Transforming to Profits is a more generic tool that can be applied to any other industry.

Cruising to Profits - Planning the Business Transformation Plan