Application of Ai/ML in Business for Sustainable Profitable Growth
Transforming partners through upskilling, retooling, and data-driven business commercial steering

About Me


I know that upskilling is easier when you have an excellent facilitator as an experienced colleague.  I am a professional with over 25 years of airline and cargo industry experience. I have been independently supporting airlines and professional services firms for in-company engagements as well as for professional training since 2005 and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, mostly in preparing the launch of new data-driven customer propositions that would grow with compound effect throughout recovery and beyond. This also involves Airline App, digital offerings through recommender systems and monetizing onboard services. In cargo, recent work is all about digitizing workflows to start the journey of data-driven pricing, dynamic pricing, and new cargo products tailored to specific customer/markets and commodities. 

I have also had numerous executive roles with airlines, consulting firms and technology companies and sit on several Boards and Advisory Boards for AI startups. I am a certified Professional and Personal Certified Coach (PPCC) and have developed curricula for Emirates Aviation College, McGill University in Montreal, IATA's Training & Development Institute, and other Aviation MBA programs and universities around the world. I have also taught them.

Further, I achieved advanced degrees in my fields, such as 2 MSc's, MBA, Ph.D. in air transport, aviation management, business, strategy, and organizational psychology. My additional qualifications in Leadership, AI, Business Valuation, and Organization also come from Harvard Business School, MIT, York University in Toronto.  I am passionate about the subjects I advise in and bring this enthusiasm into companies, training, and onsite when I immerse myself in client settings through advisory and execution engagements.

I was also awarded and recognized as Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (FRAeS)  in the U.K. and am the published author of "Cruising to Profits" (book and WP series) and "Disruptor Airline", plus I am working under contract with Routledge Publishers in London, U.K. for my next management book on "AI in Aviation - Smart Strategic Airline Management through Data-Driven Organizations".

Also, I am delighted to have been invited to stay on as a trusted Partner Advisor at the Global Aviation Team at Deloitte, KPMG, and Accenture.  Together, I am proud, honored and blessed to be part of a wide community of practitioners and Communities of Practice. 

For training institutes and airline L&D managers, I can share that I have experience in developing blended learning programs (SDL, ILT, CBT, remote) and have delivered results for 4 employers and leadership teams at over 50 clients in 55 countries. I have also provided practitioner expertise to 8 academic institutions as Assistant or Visiting Professor at Executive MBA and other adult-learning post-graduate programs in Canada, Switzerland, UAE, The Netherlands, and China. 

While for 28 years my original area of focus was on civil aviation and the air transport, cargo and logistics domains, I am increasingly also being approached and deployed in different verticals and industries today.