Cruising to Profits : The Synopsis

In Cruising to Profits (Volume 1 – Second Edition), a very thoughtprovoking book, strategic airline business transformation specialist and profitability expert Ricardo Pilon shares transformational strategies and tools he concludes would contribute to a fundamental shift in turning commercial aviation into a profitable business. Some radical, but necessarily drastic, views and methodologies are offered. The content is primarily based on his practical airline management and business consulting experience, but also combines results from the author’s academic involvement in airline economics with management science and leadership. The author introduces a threepillar visionary leadership framework BeProFit (BPF) that redefines the role of commercial aviation. They further discuss the human element in profitability and paves the way for the Human Capital Profit Multiplier and S.T.A.R, which are management tools that can be used as instruments. These are explained in Volume 2.

BeProFit (BPF) : WHAT visionary leadership framework and management methodology it would take to turn commercial aviation into a profitable business and HOW to apply a unique combination of business model expertise with modern convergent governance.

Lastly, Cruising to Profits offers valuable, actionable management tools so as to execute on the vision and include daytoday operations towards commercial airline strategy formulation. First in a series of eyeopener work, Cruising to Profits is a mustread for those at the heart of senior airline management and those who take a close interest in the business.

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Released 05:00 a.m EST, 20 January 2014

MONTREAL, Jan. 20, 2014 / CNW / Millennium Aviation, Inc. released its strategic airline management book “Cruising to Profits – Transformational Strategies for Sustained Airline Profitability” today. The book reveals timely and relevant unconventional methods for airlines to make more money.

“Air transportation is about flights moving airplanes, people and cargo. Strategic commercial aviation is not. It is a means to an end. The distinction is important because the derived nature of demand is the best source and guide for an industry or a company to build a business model around purpose and value.” – Ricardo Pilon, CEO of Millennium Aviation, Inc. –

Cruising to Profits takes a less tubular and more holistic perspective, and advances ways in which airlines will be able to create many products and services for which customers will be willing to pay a premium. “Today”, Pilon says, “the air carriers’ needs are met. But the customer needs are not. Tomorrow, we can help customers to design their own products and services that may or may not involve a flight as airlines take on a wider role. Also, we can help identify needs travellers did not know they had in order to create new markets.”

The book introduces management methodologies and frameworks that help airlines implement the Cruising to Profits approach, including BeProFit, Vision Load Factor, and T.A.L.E.N.T. which are proprietary tools. “The technology is there, but we need a platform to change how airlines are structured so that the service bundle can be around the customer, not around a flight departure”, mentions Pilon.

Kofi Sonokpon, Head of Program Management and Cruising to Profits program lead, added: “With new methodical strategic planning tools and a customer base that is increasingly connected, we can take advantage of new consumer and business technology that can turn airlines into full service companies with personalized products. With Cruising to Profits – Volume 1, we have embarked on a very exciting journey for our industry, our clients, and for our company.”

Cruising to Profits is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major book stores.

Some notes on Millennium Aviation, Inc. :

Millennium Aviation, Inc. was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and in Canada in 2005 as a specialist strategic advisory firm in the aviation sector. The specialty areas of the firm are business transformation, profitability enhancement, leadership and talent development, as well as innovation-driven change.

Millennium Aviation, Inc. has served over 200 airlines and airline-related companies through four lines of business, Value Creation Facilitation, Tools & Training, Speaking Engagements & Coaching and the Free Educational Program.

Millennium Aviation, Inc. is a world-class boutique advisory firm with 20 senior associates. The company actively promotes aviation and the communities it connects.

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